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My name is Helen King and I am a qualified Reiki Healer and experienced Medium and Tarot Reader. I am also a beauty therapist, having run a very successful business in London for over 5 years. With a lifelong passion for alternative healing and wellness, I embrace a range of alternative and natural healing styles and through Sacred Healing, practice tarot reading, reiki, massage and personal readings. 

As my life moves towards healing and wellness I feel more and more compelled to use my gifts as a Psychic and a Medium to help others. I know that I am blessed to have been placed in such unique and wonderful position, and assisting others to reach their full potential, overcome obstacles and arrive at personal peace and contentment is truly what makes my soul sing.



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What is the difference was between a psychic and a medium..now this is how I see it...
A psychic taps into the vibrations of the client who is getting the reading. A medium (who is often psychic) will atune themselves to the vibrations of the client and those of the spirit realm. That's why i feel that a medium can often be a psychic, but not all psychic's are a medium.

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Helen king, cardiff south, healing, reiki, tarot, healer

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